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Andres Bianchi
Chief Executive Officer at LATAM Cargo
Andrew Crider
Associate Editor at Cargo Facts
Brian Hermesmeyer
Freighter Customer Leader at Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Crawford Hamilton
Head of Freighter Marketing at Airbus
Frederic Horst
Managing Director of Cargo Facts Consulting
Guillermo Ochovo
Director at Cargo Facts Consulting
Jason Berry
Vice President, Cargo at Air Canada
Jeff Lee
Editor at Cargo Facts
JJ Hornblass
Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Royal Media
John Lynch
Senior Vice President at BBAM
Kofi Asante
Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Elroy Air
Les Cronin
Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MTU Aero Engines North America
Luis Sierra
Chief Executive Officer at MasAir Cargo Airline
Michael Steen
Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Atlas Air Worldwide
Mike McConnell
Chief Executive Officer at C Cubed Aerospace, LLC
Myles Goeller
Chief Business Officer at Reliable Robotics
Peter Corfitsen
Chief Executive Officer at Maersk Air Cargo
Refael Matalon
Vice President and GM of Marketing at IAI Aviation Group
Robert Luke
Associate Editor at Cargo Facts
Steve Rimmer
Chief Executive Officer at Altavair
Zygimantas Surintas
Chief Executive Officer at SmartLynx Airlines