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Adam Drouhard

Managing Director at Alaska Air Cargo

As the managing director of cargo for Alaska Airlines, Adam
Drouhard provides strategic and operational leadership to the
Cargo division. He prioritizes a culture of safety while growing
profitability with a focus on business development, process and
performance improvement, and efficiency.

Adam joined Alaska Airlines in 2007 as a cargo system control
agent and he moved into a management role in 2009. In 2015 he
became the director of cargo revenue, planning and postal affairs
where he developed and implemented the growth plan for our
freighter fleet. Adam moved into his most recent role as the
director of cargo commercial strategy in 2019 where he created
and led the strategy that drove cargo’s record growth the same
year. Most recently, he developed a strategy to drive profits
through cargo flights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adam is highly respected for his strategic and collaborative
approach to leadership and his ability to think outside the box. A
visible leader, Adam listens and acts to employee feedback and
resolves issues to ensure employees and guests have a
remarkable experience.