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Kyle Clark

CEO of Beta Technologies

Kyle Clark is an aerospace engineer and pilot. He’s the founder and CEO of BETA Technologies, a South Burlington, VT based company helping the world transition to electric powered aviation.

Kyle is a native Vermonter and craftsman. At BETA, he’s part of a relentlessly focused team developing motors, inverters and batteries, and the most technologically advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in the world. BETA’s products and services, including aircraft and charging systems, enable the movement of cargo and people around the world safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental impact. In addition to his role as CEO, Kyle is a BETA engineer and test pilot for its aircraft.

Prior to founding BETA Technologies, Kyle co-founded Venture.co and was Director of Engineering at Dynapower, where he and his team of programmers, engineers and technicians were responsible for the development of a full line of inverters, pulse modulators and control systems. Previously, Kyle was a founding partner and Vice President of Engineering at iTherm Technologies. And, before he became a serial entrepreneur, Kyle played right wing for the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

Kyle holds a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Harvard University, where he studied flight dynamics and control algorithms. He’s also a Certified Flight Instructor and a licensed commercial airline pilot and helicopter driver.