Jerome Cheung

Sep 23, 2022

Wolfgang Schmid

Sep 20, 2022

Doug Kelly

Sep 15, 2022

Dave Chriske

Sep 14, 2022

Dave Chriske is Vice President, Head of Engine Trading and Leasing for CFM Materials. In this role, Dave and his team are responsible for all portfolio management and engine leasing. Dave has 30 years…

Andrew Mansell

Sep 13, 2022

Gilles Collaveri

Sep 10, 2022

Gilles Collaveri has been working 32 years with ATR (Avions de Transport Régional), the leading franco-italian Turboprop manufacturer based in Toulouse.  He has been in many different positions: Product support, manager of aircraft deliveries,…

Bill Tarpley

Sep 08, 2022

With over 35 years in the passenger freighter conversions industry, Bill Tarpley brings abundant aviation knowledge and leadership to Mammoth Freighters as Co-CEO. Bill worked for 20 years at Boeing as a Design Engineer…

Patrick Buckles

Sep 07, 2022

Patrick Buckles is the Chief Revenue Officer for BETA Technologies, a Vermont-based aerospace company developing electric aircraft with a focus on both passenger and cargo and logistics missions. In this role, Patrick is responsible…

Jens Steinhagen

Sep 07, 2022

Osmannuri Ustabaş

Sep 03, 2022

Osmannuri Ustabaş, started his professional career in the banking industry as an IT project manager. He joined Turkish Airlines almost 10 years ago and undertook responsibility for variety of strategic implementation projects. Later he…