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Below you will find tips and instructions for uploading materials to your virtual booth, as a reminder all materials MUST be uploaded by Tuesday, April 6th admin access will be turned off after this date.  

Follow the following steps to complete your booth.  

Step 1: Assign admin from your team – please email Caitie Devine at [email protected] and provide her with the name and email of the team member who will be responsible for creating your booth. The first step for your admin is to sign in and create a profile in the virtual platform: insert URL *please note that virtual platform is still in the process of being finalized  

Step 2: Your admin will receive a notification from Brella (virtual event platform) letting them know they have access to the platform. Admin will need to sign into the platform using this URL:  

Step 3: Locate your virtual booth in the backend of the virtual event (Click Here to view demo on how to access booth 

Step 4: Upload Content (placed in the content carousel): Upload videos, images/ads, white papers for attendees to view inside your booth. The platform will take any URL and place it into an iframe , so most URL’s from your company’s website will also work for content if you do not have a strick firewall.  To upload any video, presentation or PDF you will need to be able to provide a link (URL) for the file. Images can be uploaded from a file.  

Click Here for a demo on how to upload content 

  • Images/Ads – Images or ads being uploaded must be in 16:9 ratio and we recommend the image size to be 2250px by 1350px to fill the content slot (PNG, JPEG or GIF)  
  • Video – must be uploaded with an embeddable link, to get your embeddable link from a video YouTube or Vimeo you will need the embed code (see example below) and take the URL that is located in the code (URL highlighted in red text)  
    • Embed Code Example: <iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/467533951” width=”640″ height=”504″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplayfullscreen” allowfullscreen></iframe> 

Step 5: Add Company Subtitle: Maximum of 75 characters, including spaces. Can be a catchy phrase to get your virtual booth more views. 

Step 6: Add Social Media Links 

  • Company Website – URL 
  • Company Facebook Page- URL 
  • Company Twitter Handle – @company 

Click Here for a demo on how to upload company subtitle and social media links 

Step 7: Add Company Description: Will be located under the Company Details Tab.  

  • No character limit, and hyperlinks/images can be included  

Click Here for a demo on how to add your Company Details  

Step 8: Review Booth: Use public platform link to view your booth and ensure all of your images/videos are working properly.